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Cannabis UK - Everything you Wanted to Know

Cannabis UK - Who are you?

It has been illegal to smoke cannabis in the UK ever since 1928.

Until these days, smoking, possessing, growing, distributing or doing anything related to drugs, with any kind of drug, non-related to medicinal use, is strictly forbidden.

Even though cannabis is illegal in the UK, with a very limited availability for medical use, the UK is the world's biggest exporter of cannabis!

Legality of Cannabis UK – Restrictions and Penalties

Cannabis UK is illegal to use and classifies as a class B drug – high restrictions level. That is while other strains with a lower percent of THC inside them have been used industrially for years for fiber, oil, and seeds. But we'll get back to that later...

In the 70's, the popularity of cannabis as an amusement has increased, which led to a tightening of restrictions.

If caught doing anything related to cannabis, whether it's smoking, growing or possessing it, it can lead you to an unlimited fine payment, 14 years in prison, or both.

If you are caught with a small weight only, somewhere less than 1 ounce, it may be counted as a personal use, and then you will probably be dealing with a warning or fine only.

Despite all the restrictions, the UK police, contrary to the government position, do not want to arrest Cannabis UK consumers and are trying not to get involved with it, as much as they can…

How about the Medical Marijuana UK?

Back in 2018, the British Secretary of State announced that medical Cannabis UK and its props will become a legal medicine which every doctor can prescribe to their patients without the need of a special license or government supervision, but clarified: "This step is intended to help sick people with special needs, but it is by no means a first step on the road to legalisation ".

Cannabis UK official status

The decision to change the official status of cannabis after all these years was made following several medical cases of cannabis patients.

The most prominent of them was a case of an epileptic kid whose medicine was confiscated at the airport and nearly died because of not using it.

Before starting to rejoice and telling your friend it is now legal to use, remember it is not legalisation or non-incrimination.This change is for medical uses only.

And yet, instead of being defined as a dangerous drug from the first category that has no medicinal value, it is now counted in a second category, in which dangerous substances are defined that have potential medical benefits.

How is it going to work?

Instantly the UK has become one of the most permissive countries in the field of medicinal cannabis.

The speaking change will allow any doctor in the country to prescribe medical cannabis to any patient, without the need of symptoms adjustment or a special license from the government to approve the use.

The secretary of state added that this step is intended to help sick people with special needs, and regarding others, the criminal status of the cannabis plant is not negotiable.

BTW, it is not allowed to purchase Cannabis UK medicinal supplies from authorised suppliers, but only in private configuration with product and supplier. It is clear that the government wants to monitor the market as closely as they can.

Medical Cannabis UK

After all, the law was amended and now fixed that family doctors are not allowed to prescribe cannabis-derived medicines, and that the prescription must come from a specialist consultant.

The medical cannabis should be prescribed when there is clear evidence of its benefits and when other medical options were tried and denied. 

In contrast of that, there's the cannabidiol oil (CBD), the ingredient which is responsible for the psychoactive health effect of the cannabis, which is legal for use and sale in the UK without any doctor's prescription, as long as it does not contain more than 0.2% of THC, the ingredient which is responsible for the psychoactive "stoned" effect.

OK, another win for the universe!

Don't know about you, but as for us it sounds like there're some big steps toward legalisation…

Here's another one:

Cannabis Industry UK

The cannabis industry, worldwide speaking , is bigger than we think.

The question is how to fit this brave, huge new world in with the hard restrictions and institutional attitude of many governments towards cannabis.
The UK ppl may have found an answer.

Since 1993, the Home Office of the UK, has granted licenses for growing and processing cannabis for fiber and oil, and these days the government even provide free consultants for the growers and processors.
It is allowed for them to import fiber in the form of candonids too and the government even helps with funding it.

Seems like as time passes by, the UK may follow other countries, such as Canada for example, and adopt a more relaxed approach towards cannabis and co…

But for now, nothing is really changing, and we all must stay on the right side of the UK law.

Lucky for all of us, we've been researching this subject for years and have successfully cracked the system.

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