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Cannabis and Terpenes: what do you really know?

Most cannabis consumers are familiar with cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Those have been mainstream buzzwords for a long time already.

And honestly, sometimes it seems as if it's enough to know, but the truth is – it's not. There's a lot more to figure out about this exciting plant.

Here, for example, the old-new buzzword referring to another cannabis compound, called TERPENES.

Let's meet them

Natural Terpenes UK

You surely already know what terpenes are.

Actually, you've experienced them and loved them for your whole life.

Aromatherapists have been using them for hundreds of years too.

Metaphorical or not, the answer is right under your nose

Terpenes UK

Terpenes are an aromatic molecules oil, which is basically what you taste, smell, and feel while eating, drinking or smoking cannabis.

All the applying scents and flavours of plants that you have ever met, like citrus, berry, mint, and pine, are produced by them.

Terpenes were created by the plant itself, originally to protect it against herbivores and other environmental dangers.

They are responsible for the plant's regeneration and oxygen too.

As humanity learned more and more about the presence of terpenes guarding and protecting plant immunity, they realised that terpenes had the same effect on the humans who consumed the compound.

How is that?

Each one of the terpenes has its own unique values that mankind discovered through research and trials.

Over the years, doctors have learned about and checked the benefits of each kind.

Today the cannabis plant is acceptable in many places around the world as a healing plant, thanks to the unbelievable benefits of the terpenes.

5 of the prominent terpenes in cannabis and their medical benefits

  1. Myrcene – Found in many plants and food, such as mango and thyme. Known for its anti-inflammatory, sedative, and analgesic properties, and also as an antimutagenic.
  2. Pinene – Found in pine trees and other conifers. The pinene has anti-inflammatory properties too and may help to protect from ulcers and improve airflow to the lungs.
  3. Limonene – The terpene which boosts the immune system, relieves heartburn symptoms, and is used as a solvent to dissolve gallstones rich in cholesterol. Commonly used in a wide variety of natural products, such as cleaning supplies and fragrances.
  4. Terpinolene - Found in plants known for pleasant fragrances, such as rosemary, conifers, lilacs, and apples. Known for its antioxidant properties and sedative effects. A few studies claim it may eventually be used to decrease cell proliferation associated with cancer.
  5. Bisabolol – Used to heal skin for many years. Research done has revealed that bisabolol reduces skin inflammation. It has a floral scent too, which makes it perfect to use inside a cosmetic product.

Cannabis Terpenes

So how are they reflected best?

The Entourage Effect

According to Wikipedia, "entourage" is an informal group or band of people who are closely associated with a (usually) famous, notorious, or otherwise notable individual.

So anyway, what does this have to do with terpenes or cannabis effects?

The western medical approach says the best way to effectively target a specific reaction in humans, is by breaking down a minimum number of chemical compounds inside the body.

The complete opposite of it is called the entourage effect. According to this breakthrough approach, the individual chemical compounds file inside the human body, but this may be less effective for lodging in medical symptoms.

The entourage effect supporters claim it is all about enhancing the effectiveness of the approach; so that if we combine a variety of chemical components which are present in all plants, both cannabinoids, and terpenes, it will turn the compound into an exponential better health benefit.

Now think about it – are you blooming alone or when surrounding yourself by people who make you feel good?

Guess it is a point to consider.

Terpenes UK

Fascinating. The cannabis world, the terpenes effect, its health benefits, the scents we feel with it.

So we thought, why not use it in our favour? Why not make it our way of life?

With the help of our unique methods and by using the newest technologies, we've learned how to analyse different varieties of cannabis and produce from them an essence of the plant's components, with all its benefits.

The Terpenes UK is the legal product that we have created from the molecular composition of the cannabis plant.

Terpenes UK

Terpenes UK 100% legal to use

You can choose how you wanna use it; as a spray on your roll or as readymade and infused with a herbal mix for smoking.

Both ways will enhance your experience and keep it all natural at the same time.

All you need is to remember that the human body and plants are kind of the same.

Take care of them and they will grow beautifully…


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